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The Change of Preference period gives you the chance to rearrange your VTAC preferences and add new courses. If you’re unsure about what to study, worried about your ATAR or want to explore new options, RMIT can help.

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Attend a Change of Preference information session to learn more what pathway options and special entry schemes are available to you.

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Change of preference hotline

Got a question about changing your preferences? Our Change of Preference hotline is available from 8.30 AM – 5:30 PM, Monday to Friday.

Call us now03 9925 2260

Visit RMIT

Speak to a member of the RMIT team in person by visiting us at Info Corner, located diagonally across from Melbourne Central at the corner of Swanston and Latrobe streets.

The traditional path to university isn’t the only one.

If you didn’t get the ATAR you needed there’s still options available to help you apply for your dream course and start at RMIT from day one.

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Change your preferences via VTAC, or read on for more information about Change of Preference.

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Selection tasks

For some RMIT programs you may need to attend an interview or submit a folio of your creative work to apply. Some courses have extended their submission dates, check out what is still available to apply for.

Are you an international student?

Are you an international student applying via VTAC? Change of Preference and Offer round dates are different for local and international students. Please check RMIT’s International VTAC Info page for further information.

How preferences work

Don't make the mistake of listing your course preferences in the order you think you will get into them. You’ll only receive an offer for the course listed highest on your preference list, so always put your dream course first.

Graduating from a SNAP school?

Students from a SNAP school who applied and were endorsed by their school will receive extra consideration for any RMIT course in their VTAC preference list. For more information head to our SNAP page.

Information for parents

Needs some facts to help your child make an informed decision during Change of Preference period? Call our information line on 03 9925 2260 to speak to an RMIT course specialist or use our online resources.

Facts & FAQs

Need help? Here’s some common questions about Change of Preference we receive each year:

Receive answers to more frequently asked questions and download our ATAR Guide.

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Studying at RMIT is a transformative experience that will see you exposed to new people, places and ideas.

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With our strong focus on international exchange we give students global opportunities to enrich their education.

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